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Georgette H.

Georgette H. Boggio



Georgette Hogan Boggio was born and raised on the Crow Indian Reservation and is an enrolled member of the Crow Tribe of Indians. Upon graduation from Stanford Law School in 2000, Georgette worked at California Indian Legal Services. She represented Tribes and individual tribal members in a myriad of practice areas including Tribes in state court ICWA proceedings, and Tribal code drafting and review. Georgette returned home to Montana in 2002, and worked for Montana Legal Services in Billings, representing victims of Domestic Violence. During this time, she was very involved in working with a Montana-wide Coalition of Tribal Domestic Violence Prevention workers. Georgette went on to be a deputy prosecutor for the Yellowstone County Attorney's Office, where she prosecuted misdemeanors and felonies

After being duly elected, Georgette served as Big Horn County Attorney beginning in 2007. Georgette continued to serve as Big Horn County Attorney until joining Elk River in early 2014. Georgette currently serves on the Attorney General's American Indian Domestic Violence Fatality Review Team, which reviews fatalities related to domestic violence in Indian Country in an effort to improve service agencies' responses and prevent future fatalities.